Tales of Horror 100 Movie Pack


Alien Zone
Alpha Incident, The
Anatomy of a Psycho
Bad Taste
Bell from Hell
Blancheville Monster, The
Bloody Brood, The
Bloody Pit of Horror
Bucket of Blood, A
Buried Alive
Cathy's Curse
City of Missing Girls
Cold, The
Crooked Circle, The
Daughter of the Tong
Death in the Shadows
Death Rage
Death Warmed Up
Deep Red
Demon, The
Demons of Ludlow, The
Devil Times Five
Devil's Hand, The
Devil's Sleep, The
Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon
Driller Killer, The
Drive-in Massacre
Drums of Africa
Dungeon of Harrow, The
Embalmer, The
Face at the Window, The
Face in the Fog, A
Frankenstein 80
Funeral Home
Ghost and the Guest, The
Ghost, The
Ghosts on the Loose
Grave of the Vampire
Green Eyes
Hands of a Stranger
Horror Express
Horrors of Spider Island
House of Danger
House of Mystery
House of Secrets
I Bury the Living
I Eat Your Skin
I Killed That Man
Invisible Killer, The
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
Killers of the Sea
Kiss Me Kill Me
Lady Frankenstein
Legend of Big Foot
Lion Man, The
Man in the Attic
Messiah of Evil
Midnight Phantom
Midnight Warning, The
Murder at Midnight
Murder Mansion, The
Naked Massacre
Night Tide
Oasis of the Zombies
Passenger to Bali, A
Phantom Express, The
Phantom of 42nd Street, The
Phantom, The
Revenge of Doctor X, The
Savage Girl, The
Scream Bloody Murder
Scream in the Night, A
Shadow of Silk Lennox, The
She Gods of Shark Reef
Shot in the Dark, A
Silent Night, Bloody Night
Sisters of Death
Slashed Dreams
Son of Ingagi
Strangers of the Evening
Tell-Tale Heart, the
Thirteenth Guest, The
Ticket of Leave Man, The
Track of the Moon Beast
Vampire's Night Orgy
Wanted: Babysitter
War of the Robots
Wasp Woman, The
Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory
Witches Mountain, The